Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program

PIECP Program 2018

Mission Statement

As an Entity of Arkansas Correctional Industries, P.I.E.C.P. works to provide inmates with job skills that can be used once he or she has been released from prison. This means that through your company, you can help lower the number of persons in prison.

What is P.I.E.C.P.?

Arkansas P.I.E.C.P. program is operated under an Employer Model. This means a private company will own and operate a business inside prison, and has direct control over business operations. Inmates are selected and employed by the company.

What does this mean for you? This means the program is managed solely by your company in accordance with the agreement between you and Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Here Are Just a Few Company Benefits

Percentage of offender’s salary goes to family support

Percentage of offender’s salary goes back to the Arkansas Department of Corrections for room and board expenses

All taxes are withheld from offender’s salary

Federal tax credit for employers who hire inmates after they are released


Current P.I.E.C.P. Partner


Interested in becoming a partner?

Contact Mike Grisham at 870-510-4751 or email